An extensive range of industrial control components, programmable logic controllers, variable speed drives, interface terminals and communications software combine to offer reliable and efficient solutions to the industrial, OEM and process control markets. Innovative products and technology, combined with comprehensive service and support, from initial planning to after-sales support results in an Automation and Control facility that provides solutions to match our customers’ highest expectations.

All solutions offered by Bellway deliver high-performance products built on rugged, industrial-grade designs. The product lines include: PLC, AC Drives, Servo Drives, Low End & High End Automation products from Schneider Electric, Open HMI Platforms, Automation Controllers & Software, Distributed I/O Modules, Plug-in I/O and Motion Control, and Industrial Networking Solutions.

Our main activities involve:

  • System Integration
  • Industrial Automation
  • Building Automation
  • Home Automation
  • Instrumentation
  • Design, Engineering, Installation and Commissioning
  • Manufacturing of Electrical Control & Distribution Panels.


We completely believe that today’s industrial automation requires combination of technical support and technical product quality in equal way. Our company provides this combination in a most effective way to solve out your any problem in automation. To provide best combination of hardware and software Automation systems carefully combined products and manpower for offering best solution to industry with dedication towards servicing and maintenance supplied by us. We provide wide bandwidth of products connecting sensors to boardrooms. We specializes in PLCs, Drives and other automation components for implementation of Automation schemes for a broad range of industries (Paper, Steel, Wire and Cable, Rubber, Automobile mfg etc.).


We provide solutions for HVAC, access control, video security management, lighting control & energy efficiency. Our focused approach to buildings systems strips away layers of complexity to integrate multiple systems in a building to achieve enterprise wide facilities management. This uses less energy, tightens security, speeds response times and maintains optimal environments for occupants and saves you up to 36% on operating costs over time.


Automation Delivers a new life style and put you in control of it. Lifestyle and luxury is not purely a question of adding lavish décor, fixtures and furnishings to one’s home. With Home Automation luxury means enhancing your lifestyle with new dimensions of control, and be Stylish living well and ecofriendly. THE COMFORT AND CONVENIENCE THAT COMES FROM COMPLETE CONTROL Simply grasp any control devices, you can control everything when you are lying lazily on bed. Or you can pre-program to make things happen automatically accordingly to your routine. Everything is under your control.

ENTERTAINMENT THAT FOLLOWS YOU AROUND With the Multi-room audio system, your favourite music travels with you from the living room to every corner of your home without skipping a beat. SURROUND YOURSELF WITH PEACE OF MIND You can monitor your home through the connected IP camera, and control your home through the remote access ability. You will receive an email alert if anything goes wrong at home! You are protected 24/7! THE LIMITLESS POSSIBILITIES THAT OPEN UP WHEN YOU ARE FULLY CONNECTED Not only you can stay close to your loved ones, but also connect to the outside world with the RSS news feed and email alert functions!